Kayaks and canoes

Are you a kayaking enthusiast? Whether you love water sports or canoeing for fun, you most definitely want the best experience, which comes from choosing the right destination. You can even choose to ride a kayak or canoe as a sightseeing adventure instead of going on a road trip or hiking. It all goes down to preferences.

While on your trip to the UK, you may want to visit a few spots for some fun-filled kayaking experience. There are so many places in the country that you could visit for kayaking, but which ones are the best? You will realize that there are waters for experienced paddlers and those that are ideal for beginners. We have picked the top seven places to explore, learn, and experience on your water sports tour.

River Allen, Hexham

Located in North East England, West of Hexham, River Allen is a must-visit spot. It starts from Cupola Bridge and joins River South Tyne. The river is a wonderful canoe and kayak destination almost throughout. While you can enjoy your sport at any time, it offers the best experience when the waters are between high and medium levels.