Choosing Kayaks


Jersey is an island located in the southernmost part of the Channel Islands. It is a favorable kayak, thanks to the wonderful waves surrounding the island. Jersey has an amazing coastline ranging from deep cliffs to open sandy beaches. You will take several hours or a few days to tour the island which has at least 43 miles of coastline.

Apart from the tantalizing coastal view, you get to canoe the sea in the sun. If you are looking for an outdoor activity with access to sunshine, then kayaking around Jersey should be your priority. You can also watch a variety of birds, wildlife, or even dolphins in the sea as you tour around the island.

You can go paddling with local kayak guides or you book a private trip if you are a loner. To get to Jersey, you need to book a train or ferry from Poole or Portsmouth. Your convenience should also depend on your current location. But that is the easiest way if you are coming from London.